Sonata in K No: 21

Tonight I dreamed of a star
In its perfection incomparable
But yet she chose to shelter close
A small dim moon.

This is how they are!!!!

This is how they are!!!!

One Part

Clearly cleanly made in flawless molds
(yet flawed)
Each solid strong component never yields never tires
Serves the “Greater Purpose”
(never to please naught but the crowd)
Each well oiled piece works with cold monotonous efficiency
A part of the machine man calls their heart
Whatever happened to the flesh and blood?
Shall we live to be but one part of a machine?
I say… Live life as one.


Risen from the flames
Conquered the mount of fire
Dripping with magma but unburned
The fiery daemons hurl their lashes
And seek to snare my hooked claw
But swift I wing my flight
To stop from ceaseless falling
And as I soar from out the mouth
The daemons fling their hellish spear
So I scream “devil disappear!”

Finally flying out its maw
The fiend defeated
The mount collapsed
I shout my cry of victory